Access Point Motorola AP 6522 (کد: )


Designed for small offices and retail locations, the AP 6522 can handle the increasing number of Wi-Fi enabled devices and bandwidth heavy applications connecting to your wireless network. The AP 6522 is a site survivable wireless access point that does not require a controller. With it’s WiNG 5 intelligence, this access point offers higher throughput along with direct forwarding, security, QoS services and site survivability. The AP 6522 can also serve as a virtual controller and coordinate the operation of up to 24 neighboring access points


The AP 6522 is a multipurpose access point designed to lower the cost of deploying and operating a secure, reliable 802.11n wireless LAN (WLAN). The access point features MIMO radios with superior receive and transmit sensitivity, a console port for configuration, and a GiGE LAN/WAN POE enabled port for local or remote network connectivity. This easy-to-deploy solution delivers the speed and reliability to support the increase in WLAN traffic from employees bringing their own devices (BYOD) and supports the most demanding applications, including real-time video and voice. The embedded WiNG 5 intelligence ensures that traffic is locally forwarded along the most efficient paths without sacrificing quality of service and security implemented at the access point itself. One radio can be used for client access while the second radio is used for simultaneous client access on a different frequency band or as a dedicated sensor on both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz bands for security and troubleshooting


To enable the extension of wireless network coverage to areas where ethernet cabling is cost-prohibitive or otherwise impractical, the AP 6522 can operate wirelessly, connecting to other access points for data backhaul, in a mesh topology. Enabling an array of applications over mesh, this feature offers a cost-effective way to extend the network, relying on a highly resilient, self-configuring system. Taking advantage of the dual-radio architecture and the easy-to-use configuration interface, it becomes a simple task to deploy a wireless network of access points connected securely via 802.11n, providing enterprise-class service





The NX 7500 is a multi-service platform that brings advanced wireless LAN (WLAN) performance and single point of control simplicity to the mid-size WLAN. With a powerful multi-core processing engine and hardware cryptography support, the NX 7500 enables the next generation in WLAN speed, security, reliability and flexibility.

Designed for mid-size enterprises and campus environments, the NX 7500 offers comprehensive management of up to 2,048 network elements — all through a single pane of glass. Field upgradable to 10G, the NX 7500 offers a built-in solid-state drive for maximum protection of critical data, dual power supplies, plus optional RAID-1 storage, delivering a high availability platform that you can trust to run large wireless networks. The 500GB hard drive enables analytics and applications.

Powered by WiNG 5, Zebra's advanced WLAN operating system, the NX 7500 ensures optimal RF performance, speed and throughput by enabling every transmission to follow the fastest and most efficient route to its destination. And built in support for virtualization enables hosting additional management applications for a truly integrated network management experience. The result? Superior cost-efficiency. Superior wireless performance. Superior network simplicity.




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